Even if your voice grows faint..

So many things have happened in the past months which started when I joined the Jesus Encounter ~ Miracles… Surprises… Blessings.. Grace… Moments of unexplainable coincidences – which are simply God’s way of making Himself anonymous.

After days, weeks and months of feeling so spoiled with the Lord, I have learned to just enjoy those special moments.. to cherish our quality time together and to allow myself to relax in His love.

After going through different lessons with all my teachers and schools – light groups, one on ones, prayer school, kerygma conference, spiritual accompaniment and direction, silent retreat, bible journaling, attending masses regularly, confession, and a lot more quality time with the Lord, the questions in my mind and in my heart have ceased. I know my mission – this time clearer and more fine-tuned. I felt a sense of renewed purpose. This time, more seamless than before.

Despite being on “high” with the Lord for so long and getting more than the answers I sought, suddenly gone were His more direct messages of love to me. And so I missed Him.

And so I whispered to myself, “I miss you, Lord… I miss our mega super duper obvious “it-could-not-be-anyone-but-you” moments. Hehehe!

But I just kept this to myself.

As days went by, I had a chance to attend mass at Sanctuario de San Antonio and pray at the Adoration Chapel. One paralegal who used to work at our law office gamely went with me to my hearing and afterwards to the Sanctuario. And to think we were just supposed to do some catch up. Hahaha!

Another friend shared to me her wonderful story about the Adoration Chapel and mentioned about its Blue Book where you can ask God for His message for you for the day by praying and cutting the Blue Book. I got so intrigued and excited to try that for myself. But it wasn’t until weeks after that the right time had come…

My friend and I prayed at the Adoration Chapel and stayed there for awhile to just feel His solemn presence and His peace.

When I felt ready, I grabbed a Blue Book and read the introduction and instructions at the front pages. After trying so hard to keep the excitement within me for so long, I finallu  flipped open the Blue Book into somewhere in the middle. And lo and behold… God’s message for me that day was:

“Even if the voice grow faint, you know that if you wait My directions will become clearer, so you wait on Me always.

Trust. Faith. Love. We are bound by these together.

You never see Me by your side. You just know that I am here and never leave you. And it is my love that goes with you. The power of it all, the warmth in the soul, the light to the bowed down. My love and all its power! Rays of light and power go from My heart to you.

You are never alone. I go with you always on your way!”


Thank youuuuu, Lord!!!! You make me feel you’re right by my side… Instantly! I feel so lucky and blessed and warm deep inside…

I have been praying that I miss you because I haven’t heard from you for a while – through your big and grand gestures! I missed those – the big and grand gestures of your love.

And yet here you are… Instantly spoiling me with your attention.

And oh you are so ironic, Lord! You told me… “Even if your voice grows faint… You are always here with me…” And yet, this is not your voice growing faint… On the contrary, this is your loud heartbeat booming next to mine!!! Hahahaha! You are so funny! And so weird. What we have is so weird and special. Thank you, Lord!!! Your love is more than enough for me.

“Did all your experience mean nothing at all? Surely it meant something!” Gal 3:4

“Abraham believed and was blessed; so all who believed are blessed as he was.” Gal 3:9

Time to shine!


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