Surprise me, Lord!

One day, my memory from Facebook a year ago showed a picture I posted of Coffee Bean’s planner challenge – to leave room for surprises, and that there is no need to schedule everything. So I said last year to “Allow God to surprise you!” and “Let life surprise you!”

Now I realized how haughty I have been.Who am I to tell people for them to let God surprise them, for them to let life surprise them? Why? Am I allowing God to surprise me? Am I letting life to surprise me?

I realized I wasn’t leaving room for surprises.

At that time, I planned for everything, scheduled all my appointments, and tried to strictly stick to my calendar in order for me to do more and be more efficient in work so I can have time for extra curricular activities that I wanted and to have Family time, Me time and most especially my Quality Time with the Lord.

I thought to myself, “Hmm…Should I ask God to surprise me?”

In an instant, I felt nervous and excited at the same time while thinking about this prayer. I trust the Lord that He always have good plans for me, and so I prayed silently to the Lord and asked, “Surprise me, Lord!”

I even shared this very story at Facebook and excitedly re-posted the coffee bean planner challenge and my plea to Him – “Leaving it to the one who makes the best surprises, surprise me, Lord!

In an instant, the Lord answered my prayers and sent a wonderful surprise!

After posting at facebook, I checked my fb messenger and was surprised to see an invitation that I gladly accepted!
An invitation to where? I choose not to divulge at this point, but know that in my heart, I couldn’t have received a better surprise in that moment. And no, I’m not giving any clue.

The timing is uncanny. This just proves how God’s timing is perfect. He is neither early nor late. He will not allow it.

Thank you Lord for your surprises!!! My heart is so happy!!! I will leave for you to act, for you to send me more of your surprises! You’re the best, Lord!!! Mwaaahuuuugs!!! =*

Did all your experience mean nothing at all? Surely it meant something! Gal 3:4

Abraham believed and was blessed; so all who believed are blessed as he was. Gal 3:9


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