Your strength, not mine.

​One Thursday, I accompanied a friend to attend Feast Legaspi although I normally attend Feast Salcedo on Tuesdays. I thought she needed help to pray for her discernment in her future plans over career and life in general..

Little did I know the Lord has something in store for me too that night.

First, upon the question and prompting by our feast builder, “Among the five: lack of drive, lack of dreams, lack of discipline, lack of direction and lack of depth, which do you think you need to work on?”, my friend opened up to me that time and shared her fears and worries.

I normally don’t press on others if they are not ready to share or ask for help, so I was surprised in a good way that my friend that time, finally found herself opening up to me. 

And so after admitting both our weaknesses and what we needed to work on, we both prayed for each other and it simply made us closer.

I was so happy with that experience that I almost forgot that I needed to pray over my discernment if I would still be able to serve this cycle 20 as light group head.

All lg heads/apprentices were asked weeks earlier if we would serve for cycle 20. I haven’t given my answer to Tita Eva because I said to myself I will pray over it.

As I closed my eyes and prayed when worship was about to end that night, I told the Lord I have many plans with Him for this year, especially the remaining half of the year:

– My 3rd bday outreach this June

– 5 out of town destinations with different sets of friends to give school supplies kita to students we shall pray for

– Feast Makati outreach activities 

– Attend bible timeline studies every Monday for 6 months and more

– All these, aside from my normal work as a lawyer, and travelling to and from home up north and work at Makati including the hearings here and there.

So I asked the Lord if He thinks I could still include in my schedule service as light group head this cycle 20?

Suddenly I opened my eyes and in the PowerPoint slide NB on stage it was written…

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

I cried. 

I know it was not literally a yes or no answer. But time and again, it answered the question in my heart. It gave me enough courage to strive on and push. 

Knowing that with Him, nothing is impossible, I know He will give me extraordinary strength, stamina, energy, wisdom, knowledge, and most of all extraordinary love… to do all our missions.

As the builder said that night, “God made me, wired me to be above average.” 

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Thank you Lord. 

We know you are always with us.

We know you are always just waiting for us to return to you. It is only us who sometimes forget you and keep you waiting, and for that we are sorry. 

But we will make it up to you, Lord. Thank you for always giving us second, third, fourth and never ending chances. 

Continue to be with us Lord in all that we do.



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