This blog is about my Quality Time With the Lord.

I will no longer keep You to myself.

I am ready to share You and our stories.

I am no longer afraid.

I have been filling up my love tank.. gracefully receiving all forms of love, from everyone and most especially you. I did my very best not to repay the love I have received because I learned “Real love is about giving and receiving. It cannot be merely giving, nor merely receiving.” But sometimes, I still can’t help gifting and treating those who give me love, in a subconscious attempt to return their love. I can say I’m better in giving, but get all jittery in receiving love. I did not know then that by refusing to receive love, that deep within I felt I did not deserve it.

And so I tried a bit harder to accept and take in the love, in all forms, that I get. And lo and behold, they came not just in trickles but in heavy downpour! Until finally today, I am bursting full of it, I just have to share the love that You have given and shown me.

So here goes my very own blog, offering to You the gifts and talents you have given me…


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